Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Chaos in Rannick's Courtyard

...and what of Jakardos?

Variel began his magical assault by summoning several Pterodactyl and directed their attacks against Grendel. During the initial confusion he jaunted over to the captive party members and released Dimitri, who in turn summoned a trusty lantern archon to teleport Geth’s manacles away. Geth added the the confusion by summoning a spiritual cross bow that fired repeatedly at Grendel further distracting the cult leader.

Battle of minas tirithSuddenly overwhelmed by the chaos, Grendel could no longer keep the magical binding spell he kept a constant concentration on. With his enchanted bonds weakened, Moagh violently worked to force them apart. Half of the guards sent in to retrieve Jessail ran to aid their leader, leaving the remaining four vulnerable to Jessail’s rapid marksmanship. Variel cast again and directed the shadows themselves to envelope the cult’s leaders and Moagh.

Far too consumed in his rage, Moagh ignored the grabbing and gashing shadow tentacles as he broke the bonds that held him and waded toward Grendel. Dimitri blasted the approaching guards away with a well placed fireball. Lackia was lucky to avoid the black tentacles and dispelled the lashing spell to save Grendel. Grendel took the opportunity to summon a bearded devil from the nine hells and commanded it to kill the flying beasts attacking them. One by one the Pterodactyls fell from the sky, however before the last one fell Variel cast a orb of silence onto Moagh as he pounced upon Grendel.

Grendel’s end was near. The ball of silence prevented him from commanding the devil any further. Even if the silence had ended, Moagh’s massive hands locked around Grendels throat. Lackia fell to the combined efforts of the rest of the party. Sernia watched in horror as her beloved leader had the life shaken from his body. The devil simply watched; devilishly amused that the priest who dared summon him could no longer command him any longer. With Grendel dead, the devil gone and the silence dismissed, the group now approached Sernia who fell to her knees.

“Not the baby!” she cried, “Please spare the child!”

Deeply confused but no less angry, Moagh calmly walked up to Sernia.

“Your child is within me, please spare…”

Moagh’s hand had already taken the one life it desired. He carried Sernia’s unconscious form into the keep’s dungeon. He laid her down gently in a cell with the surviving cult members. He would decide her fate and the fate of the rest of the fanatics later.

Jakardros could no longer control himself. His dreams and nightmares had shown him the only path to his continued survival. He had to reach the old shrine. Shelelu pleaded with the clerics to accompany him to the ancient varisian place. None of the heroes knew of this place and had no way of finding it. So vivid were his dreams that Jakardros’s feet already knew the way, and so the Lord’s of Rannick followed their friend for a day and night until they found the hidden grove. Jakardros approached the shrine, tore the gem from his forehead, and placed it in the stone.



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