Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Sandpoint Under Fire

Who has rallied the stone giants of old?

RannickWinter was cruel, if productive. We pieced back together Fort Rannick’s defenses and set in order our holdfast. Ominous dreams plagued me and had me resisting the revelation of the book of swords to Variel. I can only pray that order is maintained by the acquisition of other swords to counter the evilest and most destructive of them. Nonetheless, I am pleased that we have brought greater order to the region.

With spring Shalaeluh returned and she thanked us further for saving Jakardros from his unnatural state. But word of the roving bands of Stone Giants reached us and we returned to Sandpoint with her to see to the looming threat.

The Statue, dear Abadar, the statue portraying us as heroes was very garish. At least Dmitri was portrayed as the most noble amongst us. I gave of my blood for Sandpoint, so I feel that my representation was not at least too unfavorable.

More or less it was a happy return, we spoke with the play wright, informed him of the gnome’s demise and that he had best re-write the ending to include the death of Arcus (albeit with some poetic license).

After a marvelous breakfast from our host we went to see Sheriff Hemlock, finding a seemingly oblivious Horatio there. The Sheriff was well aware of the lack of man power in Sandpoint and the failure of nearby municipalities to send aide, thankful for our arrival he sent us on our way.

After much soul searching, I relinquished the book to Variel to relieve us of our obligation of a “favor” to him and in hopes that his knowledge and power would aide us in finding a counter balance to the destructive sword that has come so close to falling into his hands.

As we slept and prepared ourselves for the morning, the attack came. Stone Giants at the North Gate.

With Variel’s magic and our steadfast action, we took on the assault from the north. Yet the attacks came on multiple fronts and I and the others rushed to meet the threat to the East as soon as it seemed the north gate could be secured.

Leading the charge, I bolstered myself further for battle and goaded the beasts to me. By the might of Abadar I stayed the foe. As bears tore at me and Giants swung, we held. Variel’s ensorceled giant contributing its might in creating confusion amongst the foe.

Weathering the attacks of the dire bears and the giants, we whittled down the attackers as a cloud of smoke and fire appeared above the garrison and a new threat materialized in the south.



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