Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Variel saves the day (again).

Web and web some more.

Variel Private log #****

While the human priests tried to locate the kidnapped residents of Sand Point, the tiefling and I scoured the mountain sides surrounding the stone giant fortress. Finding a few possible secret entrances over the days was vastly relieving; Not even I believed it was possible to storm the keep with that large of an army surrounding it. But first a daring rescue…

I teleported us to secluded spot in the woods and set up the first ambush. Even though the giants noticed the ambush, due mostly to the clerics inability be silent for any given amount of time, they did not react quickly enough to avoid being entangled in my magical web. It was extremely amusing to watch these giant creatures try and break free, only to be caught again. The rest of the party did their respective duties, Moagh chopped things, Jesail pin-pricked things, Dimitri fire bombed things and healed things (mainly us), and the other one did…whatever he does. Just for kicks, I summoned a trio of mighty lions, who proceeded to pounce on and destroy the remaining giants. Afterwards, I teleported the grateful peons back to their homes in Sand Point.

The second ambush followed a similar path. The “war cleric” was smacked around a bit, much to my amusement, but thanks to more amazing webbing and summoned dinosaurs, we won the day again. The few giant prisoners were not very talkative, but that was to be expected, they seem to be a fairly closed mouth species. I returned the extremely grateful villagers to Sand Point once again, but was also pondering the fate of the Scarnetti treasure. One thing that I shall look into a more…opportune, time.

On to the caverns, one of which was a dead end (so to speak), we decided to take the bug infested one first. I was very interested in observing the rumored creatures known as Death Webs, and they did not disappoint. After a timely fireball from yours truly, Dimitri put up a fairly nice wall of fire; however, the beasts just retreated back into the cavern, so we were forced to do some melee combat, assisted by Dimiti’s timely blessing of fervor. Moagh waded in and hacked and slashed the remainder, which is always fascinating to watch. At the end of the cavern, there was a trapdoor on the ceiling, Jesail did not find any traps, as he was standing on the ceiling, so I opened the door from afar.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple, as a bunch of red caps dropped down and layed into Geth and Moagh. After a short but bloody battle, the remaining red cap gave us all the info we needed to enter the stone giant fortress (after a little ‘persuasion’), as long as we bypassed his village and their women. The keep, and Mokmurian, await us.

P.S. Geth! If I find that you have been sneaking and poking around my belongings again, I will suspend you above a pit of velociraptors!



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