A Mischievious Gnomish Rogue Set to Claim His Birthright


Arcus was actually born with the name Kromite. He was born in the village of Clovedale. Clovedale use to lie in the mountains of the far northern part of the continent. When Kromite was very young, a band of mountain giants attacked his village, burned it to the ground, and left Kromite to die.

Kromite was the only survivor. Kromite was rescued by elven adventurer named Arcus. During his adventuring days, Arcus was a quite adept rogue/sorcerer. Arcus was ready to retire from active adventuring, so he took the young gnome named Kromite home with him to the bustling city of Aztec.

Arcus settled down with his new gnome child, and his recent human wife named Deseree. Arcus returned to the profession his father Notare had trained him in: breeding dogs. Arcus had built a healthy nest egg during his adventuring career, so he really did not need the money; it was more about having something to pass his time. However, he turned out to be quite good at it, and made a decent living selling to his champion dogs to local nobility, aristocrats, merchants, and some adventurers.

After 10 years in business, Arcus had gained a reputation has the best dog breeder in the region. Arcus trained Kromite in the basics of dog training, breeding, and handling. Kromite enjoyed the training because he had a great love for dogs. Arcus saw too much of himself in Kromite, and he knew one day that Kromite would want to go out on his own in adventuring. Kromite being a gnome was not physically daunting, but he was very flexible, so Arcus decided to teach him in the rogue arts. Kromite took very well to this training. Kromite’s biggest downfall is that he is a trickster or jokester with a bad sense of timing. He often tries to play jokes at the most inopportune times.

For this reason, two years ago, Arcus gave him Tronus, a blonde mastiff guard dog. When Arcus gave Tronus to Kromite, Tronus was just a puppy, which allowed Kromite to use his training to train his dog. Tronus has proven to pull Kromite out of more than a few scrapes. Scrapes Kromite got into because of his sense of bad timing for jokes, and his lack of common sense or wisdom. Kromite’s adopted mother Deseree also gave Kromite some training. Deseree was an accomplished Alchemist in her day, so she taught the basics of the craft to Kromite. Kromite did not take well to the training at first, because of his lack of discipline. However, eventually he was able to learn the basics.

A few months ago, Kromite experience tragedy for the second time in his life. Both Arcus and Deseree died unexpectedly. Both contracted some unknown disease that attacked their immune systems, because it was winter they caught a cold. Since their immune system had been depleted, they quickly died as a result of the cold. Kromite took the appropriate time to mourn his adopted parents. He buried each parent in their own tradition.

Then he made the decision that there was nothing for him in Aztec, so he left to seek what he could do with the skills his adopted parents had taught him, with his trusty guard dog Tronus, who is now 2 years old.

Finally, to honor his adopted father, he changed his name to Arcus.


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