Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

The Smuggler's Tunnel

Catacombs2Returning to the Glassworks, the heroes worked their way back down to the basement to that same tunnel that Moagh and Geth initially investigated. Realizing that this could be that very same tunnel that was mentioned in Tsuto’s journal, the party traveled through the winding, damp corridor to about 500 feet until they reached a corridor where they encountered another pair of those creatures feasting on what appears to be a humanoid arm.

Acting rapidly, the party’s efforts to kill these creatures were accomplished in quick combination of strikes of steel, magic, and negative energy. With Moagh chopping off the head of the last creature, they continued on to notice that the tunnel finally gave way to smooth stonework flagstone floors. They followed them to a chamber with a single statue of a female figure made of metal and ivory. It wielded in its grip a ranseur in one hand and a book with a familiar symbol of the Thassilonian star in the other. Further investigation finds that there are other chambers nearby.

One such chamber led to an altar like room with a basin containing black putrid water along side one wall. This chamber also had a door that was locked and was detecting emanations of magic. Not wishing to explore this area further at this moment, the party searched the other corridors and led them to what appears to be a massive cellblock. Entering the room, the floor gave way to an elevated wooden platform with stairs going down on opposite ends, and a wooden plank rampart that veers off to the right into what looks to be like another chamber. Suddenly Arcus, who was standing at the edge of one side of the platform, made haste to scamper and move in the center of the group, without saying much. Geth, who was also near the edge alongside the previous gnome’s location was then grabbed by the foot and falls flat on the wooden floor, barely falling down in the darkness below. Dmitri rushes to help and was then attacked by a grasping claw which pulls him out of sight of the others, down beneath and below the wooden platform.

Dmitri soon gazed upon his assailant. The same abomination that has been attacking them in these tunnels was now lurking above him, but with the exception that this creature had a blazing Thassilonian star imprinted on its cavernous chest. The rest of the party finally went into action realizing that there were two other creatures attempting to take a swipe at their feet. The heroes had a difficult time destroying these monsters, for some foul magic has made them more impervious to their attacks and that those stars emblazoned on their chest seems to be the cause. The hesitation of Arcus and Variel also cost them precious time. Soon, Dmitri succumbs to the attacks of his tormentor and collapses dead below its feet. Taking this opportunity, the heroes combined their efforts and renewed their charge against the hellspawns and finally defeated them with grave losses. Geth heals Dmitri once more as he too nearly falls to the same fate. As Dmitri recovers, he then uses his divine powers to heal everyone as well. With everyone shaken after the horrendous ordeal, they quickly tried to make a decision as to whether or not continue on.

The debate lasted several minutes but the decision to continue overruled the fact that time is limited and the goblins might be preparing to raid the town any minute and this might be the way to reach them before they make their move. The party then followed the ramparts to the next chamber to find a trio of cells that housed the remains of tortured prisoners. It appears that whoever was the jailor was experimenting on these poor victims of Sandpoint. One prisoner had three arms, another had an overly large malformed head, and the last had its ribcage elongated somehow down to its pelvis. Such monstrous outcome might be tied to those creatures that were attacking the heroes. Realizing this, they quickly departed and continued on down the next chamber they encountered which were down a flight of stairs.

KoruvusThis one room proves to be a puzzle. Several wooden planks seems to cover random areas of this chambers’s floor. A closer inspection of the nearest one shows that it is some kind of cell on the floor. In the back, with his misshapen back turned to the party, and a disturbing number of limbs sprouting from different parts of its body, a green – unidentifiable – monster seemed to have its gaze focused on something. Seeing this large grotesque creature, the heroes wisely decided to retreat back to recover before tackling this new found enemy.

FOR THIS SESSION, every adventurer receives 480 experience points! Congratulations, you are all level 2!

Ameiko Found, Sandpoint's Secrets

After concluding their battle with the unknown monsters below the Glassworks, the search for Ameiko continues. In one storage area, Moagh and Geth discovers a crumbling gaping hole in one of the walls. Moagh searched ahead with his ability to see in the dark while Geth followed behind enough to see the dwarf’s figure in his field of vision. The tunnel seemed to stretch far beyond even the dwarf’s ability and decided to return to the rest of the party and abandon this route for the moment. In hopes of finding her safe and alive, the heroes scoured the area once more to find another a room that houses a jug of ale, a pallet, and a wardrobe cabinet. Arcus and Variel searches through the cabinet to find a pair of nobleman’s clothes and some letters that appears to be list of purchases and ledgers of glass materials. Variel takes one set of clothes while the rest of the party moves on to the next chamber. Geth takes the lead and opens the next storage room and spies a blanket in the middle of the stone floor covering a huddled form, a tiny pool of blood alongside it.

Ameiko2Rushing quickly inside to see if they were too late, they uncover Ameiko’s unconscious body and tried to revive her. With their concentrated efforts, the clerics of the party were able to bring Ameiko back from death’s door. Once conscious and coherent, Ameiko asks for her brother and warns the party of his involvement with the goblins and their plans to raid the town. Worried that they have left Tsuto unattended, the party hurried back up to the furnace room where they found out the truth behind Tsuto’s actions. Tsuto has killed his father, Lonjiku, who the party now realized is the man trapped inside the crystal glass. At the site of her murdered father, Ameiko confronts Tsuto for reasons of his betrayal. He answered that he was just following his lover, Nualia’s wishes, to burn down the city and that soon the city of Sandpoint will feel his revenge for alienating and exiling him out of his home. It seems that the former priest’s daughter is alive and conspiring to destroy the town.

Deciding that this was the time to bring Tsuto to justice and try to find out more information from him on this plan and share it with the mayor, the party heads back to the garrison. Unbeknown to the rest of the party, Variel had earlier plucked a few items that belonged to Tsuto while he was unconscious and started to read up on a journal that he took from him.

There were several entries regarding the goblin raids, a reference to a “quasit” and her “freaks” from the smuggling tunnels below his father’s Glassworks and Nualia’s burnt offerings of her adoptive father’s remains to Lamashtu’s altar at the Thistletop shrine. The was mention of the goblin leader Ripnugget and the bugbear Bruthazmus and Nualia’s efforts to release and command “Malfeshnekar.” He also was surprised to find numerous erotic pictures of Nualia. The 10th picture was a shocking depiction of her with a demonic hand and a pair of black unfurled bat’s wings. More telling are some maps of Sandpoint with strategic attacks of 3 occurrences. Two of which are the attack on the Swallowtail Festival and the abduction of Father Tobyn’s remains. The third is that of a massive concerted attack by land and sea.

By the time the party has reached the garrison, Variel had the attention of the rest of the party and informed them of what he just read. As soon as they deposited Tsuto to the authorities and got Ameiko’s permission and keys to the Glassworks, they decided to return to barricade it from more goblins and those monsters.

What Lies Beneath

SinspawnGiving chase to the two surviving goblins, the heroes followed the bloodied trail and thought that they could not have gone too far. Sure enough, the heroes caught up with them but not quick enough to finish the job they first intended. Stopping them in their pursuit is something out of a child’s nightmare. Two emaciated humanoid like creatures with massive jaws dripping with gore, and bended, elongated arms ending with a pair of claw like hands was feasting on the head of one of the goblins, while the other gnaws on an arm. Bipedal monstrosities, they both looked up and back with intelligent, red bulging eyes at the party as it senses its interrupted dinner by more potential meals.

Dmitri swiftly prays a blessing while Moagh advanced to take a swing at the nearest creature. It easily sidestepped his attack and focused its attention to fresh prey. Meanwhile, Arcus felt the need to have his loyal companion by his side and blows his dog whistle. Hoping Tronus hears its call from up above in the Glassworks’s furnace room and maybe alerting Variel as well. Geth casts a spell on himself as his eyes glows momentarily of assuredness as he gazed upon one of the creatures and prepares to attack with his weapon. Overly eager and intent on its new prey, the second drooling creature opposite Moagh takes a wild swipe and misses the dwarf.

Dmitri immediately aims a bolt of holy fire while he steps up closer to his comrade. Moagh quickly swings a powerful blow that cleaves the creature but it still was able to screech angrily and counter attack. Seeing his mastiff from the corner of his eyes, Arcus fires out his sling and bullet hitting the creature square on target. Geth smites the other creature as his true strike takes effect, heavily wounding its intended target.

The battle turns against the heroes as Moagh’s nemesis pins him against a wall while it chomps a huge chunk of flesh out of Moagh’s neck. The other creature claws an attack at Geth, felling him with a nasty blow, leaving a trail of blood and him to slide down alongside the opposite wall. Seeing his comrades felled by the creatures, Dmitri retreats a few feet back and unleashes his divine gift of healing to wash over both Moagh and Geth. Moagh quickly recovered his stance and retaliates with a finishing strike to his enemy. Geth awakens and attempts to do the same with a spell but somehow it fails to manifest due to his weakened state. His efforts were finished luckily by Variel’s magic as he arrives at the top of the stairs to shoot a dart of acid. The lone surviving creature takes another swipe at Geth, bringing him down once again.

Dmitri focuses his healing on Geth once more from a far. Moagh rushes to Geth’s aid with a powerful attack that should have brought it to its knees but the creature remains standing, numerous gashes and gouges creating a kind of map atop its blue veined skin. Arcus slings another bullet aiming at its large open maw that silences the creatures screech of agony. Geth’s fury then unleashes a negative coldness of energy that engulfs the creature, finally bringing it to its end.

Ameiko's Disappearance

GlassworksThe next morning, the party was greeted with Bethana getting their meals readied. Having settled down and ready to eat, Bethana asked the party if they have seen Ameiko recently. She was worried for her mistress when she did not show up to help her prepare their morning meals. The group did not see her either and wondered if she was just late getting up. It was unlike her to be sleeping late according to Bethana but that she would go up to check her room. Several minutes later, Bethana approached the party with a note on her hand. It roughly reads that Ameiko’s brother Tsuto wishes to see her at the Glassworks around midnight. Bethana explains that Ameiko’s father Lonjitsu owns the Sandpoint Glassworks and that Tsuto does not get along with him very well. She wondered why he would be there and not seek Ameiko at the inn instead. With the morning meal more or less done, the party told Bethana that they would go see if Ameiko is at the Glassworks and find out if she is okay. Getting directions from her, the party went off to the Glassworks to see the family’s business for themselves.

What greeted them was a huge facility with stained glass windows displaying their obvious line of business. From above, they could spy the large chimney billowing forth black plumes of smoke into the air confirming that there would be someone inside. Everyone took their chance to peek inside through several windows but found their view barred by thick heavy velvet curtains. Nearing the entrance of the building, they instead heard loud crashing noises along with the familiar sound of goblins laughing. Springing into action, Geth smashes one of the nearby windows while Arcus checks the front doors but finding it locked. Geth wasted no time once he got through the window and started for the nearby corridor in tracking down where the goblin laughter were coming from. Moagh and Dmitri followed suit, going in and over the window while Variel, Arcus and Tronus came through the door.

Geth discovered the source of the laughter and found a macabre scene in the main building’s furnace room. Dancing shadowy figures cast a horrible sight in front of three active furnaces that reveals the all too familiar culprits. He spied multiple bloodied limbs from humanoid victims scattered about the floor. Towering above another body, a wild looking goblin with a cleaver is gleefully hacking away, mutilating the body. Several other chaotic goblins were busying themselves with breaking various glass containers near a vandalized work table. Another pair of dancing goblins was alongside a tall human figure, circling around what appears to be another seated figure trapped in a large crystal.

TsutoTaking initiative, Dmitri uses his divine gift as he hurled a bolt of fire that unfortunately missed the closest goblin. Moagh and Geth then took center stage as they charged right in the room brandishing their weapons. Arcus commanded his mastiff, Tronus to guard the door while he ducked right below the nearest work table and pulled out a smokestick. Nearby Variel chanted arcane words of power that immediately put some goblins to sleep. Alerted by the intruders, the remaining goblins took hold of their weapons firmly and maniacally met the party head on. Meanwhile, the lone human near the large crystal unslung his bow to aim and fired at the two advancing heroes. Seeing this, Arcus hurled his ignited smokestick hoping to engulf the bowman in smoke but the furnace just sucked up the black cloud, leaving his target’s sight unhindered.

Time seems to slow down as the battle began to tip in favor of the party while they whittle away at the goblins one by one. Variel gestured in the air once more to produce another of his signature spell, targeting the bowman who might be the ring leader. The resulting effect made the bowman slip and fall over a conjured 10’ square pool of grease. This break gave another opportunity for Dmitri to step on up and hurl his blessed bolt to engulf the floor with fire. Moagh and Geth almost killed all the goblins but two ran away, leaving a bloody trail out the other exit. Someone yelled to keep the human alive for questioning and stabilize his wounds. Once that was done, the rest of the party surveyed the scene looking for any signs of Ameiko, hoping that she was not among the fallen victims. A closer inspection of the figure within the crystal shows a surprised man whose throat has been sliced open but fully encased in crystal. The heroes decided to take them both back to the garrison but it brought a dilemma on how to go about doing that. With also the possibility of the escaped goblins that might call for reinforcement, they finally decided to let Variel stay and keep an eye on the prisoner while the rest chase after the fleeing goblins.

Introducing Shalelu Andosana

After being depositing at the town garrison, with a short stop to pick up Arcus from further mischief with some nobleman and his wares in the marketplace, the party formally meets Mayor Kendra Deverin in Hemlock’s office. She hailed their daring deeds in defeating the goblin raids during the Swallowtail Festival then was quick to ask the heroes to work for Sandpoint as appointed guards while the Sheriff goes off to get reinforcement from the nearby city of Magnimar. Most of the party was ready to agree to the job in helping out the citizens of Sandpoint but to sweeten the deal, Deverin offered a stipend to the heroes as well that sealed it. She also mentioned that they have another hired aid from a local ranger named Shalaylu Andosana who will help them with more information about the 5 goblin tribes. She has recently returned from an expedition and comes to report her findings. The party then realized that an elven woman is seated behind the desk and was smoking a pipe, calmly staring at the party and sizing them up. She appears to have been injured, with some scars running down on one side of her face, but she shows no sign of weakness. With a brief nod to Hemlock and Deverin, she continued her tale of the recent raids to nearby farmlands by the goblins. She believes that someone is responsible for rallying the tribes together, which is quite an undertaking since most tribes do well alone for themselves. She mentioned their leaders by name and was unsure who would be the one capable to lead them all. Big Gutmut of Mosswood, the largest goblin tribe, Coruvas Longshank of the Seventooth tribe, those that raid the Sandpoint junkyard and Forka of the Licktoad tribe, who are excellent swimmers living near Brinestump Marsh. There’s also Warchief Nugget of the Birdcruncher tribe who lives in caves and the elf hating bugbear Ruthasmus of the Thistletop goblins who lives on an island that looks like a decapitated head to round out the 5 tribes.

ShaleluHaving reported what else she had learned, Shelaylu then excused herself to seek rest in the Hagfish Tavern where she will be staying if they are in need of her again. Before she could leave, a woman carrying a crying infant in one arm and dragging a wounded boy in another burst into the office seeking help. Deverin then asked the heroes to take care of the situation for their first assignment and assist Amelia Barrett and her family. She was hysterically trying to tell the guards that his son Aaron was attacked by goblins and that her husband is in grave danger fighting them off by himself. Looking at the fair haired boy Aaron, his arm reveals a long jagged wound that is bleeding profusely. He told the group that a goblin was living inside his closet and would terrorize him every nite. Dmitri rushes to heal his wounds while Geth took action and asked the woman to lead them to her house immediately.

Following her closely home, the group entered the house warily and soon came upon the door of Aaron’s room. Inside they found a dog lying dead in its own pool of blood with a metal blade protruding out from one of its ears. Seeing that this is no place for Amelia and her children, Dmitri asked her to take them away from the place and seek out reinforcement back in the garrison but Variel insisted that they go to Ameiko instead. Wailing for her husband Alaghast, Amelia then was forced to retreat after a terrible sound emitted out from the slightly ajar closet. The party discovered a sickening sight where an arm was jerking in and out of the closet’s entrance. With such close quarters, only Moagh and Geth were able to get inside and deal with the lone rabid goblin they discovered chomping on the bottom half portion of the ravaged Alaghast. With swift efficiency, they both dispatched the creature and discovered that it dug a hole of a house underneath the closet. The reeking smell of refuse and bloodied flesh didn’t stop Arcus to investigate the inside for any useful items. After the deed was done they escorted Amelia and her family back to Ameiko’s inn where she will be staying while the guards take care of the bodies.
Goblin closet

Folly at Chopper's Isle

After an exciting day with Aldern and his men out in the Tickwood Forest, the party then continues the following morning to visit the Sandpoint cathedral to further investigate the forgotten disturbance of its graves. Dmitri briefly speaks with Zanthus if there are any more duties he can help out with and gently informs him that Father Tobyn’s grave had been disturbed. Zanthus’s calm demeanor could not hide the barely alarmed expression on his face and told Dmitri that he will notify the town guards. Dmitri returned to the party who were searching for the same tracks Geth and Variel found a few days ago but it seems that the caretaker inadvertently was raking away any signs of its evidence. A familiar voice then echoed out and greeted the party. Sir Cyrdak Drokkus was observing them and the empty grave lot with the headstone belonging to the previous priest. He informs the party of the sad tale of his demise during the fire that ravaged the church and that of his missing daughter, Nualia. It seems the beautiful daughter’s body was never found. He then tells them about the mass murderer Jarvis Stoot, the well admired woodcarver. Known infamously as “Chopper”, he told them where he used to live just north of the Old Lighthouse now called Chopper’s Isle. As if to lift their spirits, Cyrdak offers the party free tickets to see the famous Magnimarian diva Allysandra perform the leading role of the harpy queen, Avisera in the play entitled The Harpy’s Curse. After doling out the tickets, he promptly excused himself leaving the heroes staring at his back.

Pfrpg chopper s isleVariel was curious at what the old writings he found on the stone plinths were about and wishes to see Brodert Quink for some more information. The rest of the party agreed to go along with Variel taking the lead and sets off with everyone except the gnome, Arcus who wishes to explore the town markets for any news and rumors. While at the bookstore, Variel received a gift from Brodert after some animated discussions regarding Thassilonian lore. The scroll contained some basic rudimentary words in the old tongue which delighted Variel. Eager to use it on the runes on the stone plinths and/or even the lighthouse, where similar writings were found, Variel and the party then proceeded to check out the lighthouse first since it is nearby. It will also be an opportunity to take a closer look at Chopper’s Isle.

Having found the writings, Variel quickly copied down the symbols for future study and sets off with the group to Chopper’s Isle. Nearing the isle, they found 3 children playing at the foot of the ruined house of Jarvis Stoot. It appears that they are trying to dare each other to approach the ruins and climb the steep and treacherous stone stairs. As the party closed in on the children, a loud crack from a dead tree branch scared them silly so that they scattered away quickly yelling about Chopper’s ghost coming back to get them. Dmitri, believing his goddess will protect him, started towards the stairs when Geth and Moagh took upon themselves to climb it first. Each one made several attempts with devastating results. It seems that the task is harder than it looks. At times they both would almost reach the top but then somehow come crashing down its steep and narrow steps. They were unsuccessful to the point where they inflicted lethal damages to themselves with every failed descent, receiving severe cuts and bruises that the children returned with a guardsman to deter them from hurting themselves more. Variel and Dmitri just stood in disbelief at their stubbornness and let Marcus the town guardsman convince them to put a stop to their folly. Frustrated yet resigned to abandon the task, the party then decided to follow Marcus back to see Hemlock for a meeting with the Mayor.

The Hunt

Sandpoint streetsArriving back at the Rusty Dragon Inn, the party is welcomed by the proprietor Ameiko Kaijitsu and her helper, the halfling Bethana Corwyn with the scent of savory meats and potatoes. It appears the inn is reserved tonight for some special occasion. Already sitting at the dining area is Aldern Foxglove and two of his man servants enjoying their meals. He calls forth the heroes and asked them to sit down while he asks each one their hunting experiences and knowledge of the sport. Some admitted no such skills, while some gruffly made references here and there under their breath. Aldern proceeded to take interest in Moagh and tried to out drink the dwarf and ponders if growing one’s beard will increase his prowess in arms. Feeling the festive mood, he then offers Moagh a luxurious cloak from his own personal wardrobe. It bears the family symbol and crest, finely stitched and embroidered. Moagh accepts the expensive gift and more drinks were shared until Master Foxglove finally succumbed to the spirits and lands head first on his plate, wherein his man servants then escorted him to his quarters. Before exiting, he mumbled that he will see the heroes for breakfast and proceed with the grand boar hunt.

The rest of the party then continued with their meals. Dmitri notices and overhears a couple of iron merchants arriving and discussing their trade over late food and drinks in the common room. Variel takes a closer look at the cloak and offered Moagh a price to purchase it off him, where then Moagh accepted the offer thinking that such fancy clothing is of no use to him. The rest eventually retires to their respective rooms with Dmitri making sure Ameiko safely closes up for the night and followed suit. A few hours later, Variel wakens to the sounds of gruff male voices coming from outside his window. With his keen elven senses, he noticed a beautiful woman accompanied by a few men talking to one another and then disappearing off in the dark. He ignores their passing and then resumes his much needed rest.

The following morning, the party attends breakfast with Foxglove and his men who are all attired in matching scarlet hunting outfits. He quickly mentioned that mounts will be provided for them at the Goblin Squash Stables by Davern Hask and to meet him at the northern gate in 2 hours time. After a quick meal and with his man servants trailing behind, Foxglove left the heroes to finish up their breakfast and exited the inn in a swirl of scarlet blur.

The party journeys off to the Goblin Squash Stables and meets Davern Hask. The group enters the stables assaulted by the sight and smell of horses and hay. A gruesome display of leathery goblin ears are found nailed to one wall, each bearing a brand which appears to be a name. Davern Hask welcomes the heroes and briefly relates the story and reason behind his “trophies.” He immediately then continues to show them his stock of horses. Variel selected a black steed, a stout pony for Arcus, Dmitri chose a white stallion he promptly named Boreal, Geth eyed a fine chestnut mare, and finally a skittish pinto for Moagh. Davern informed them that they are already sold for their use and that it will cost them 2gp/month if they wish to stable them here in the future. With everything settled, the party then heads towards the north gate for their first boar hunt.

Fantasy forestAt the northern gate, they met Aldern and his men in good time. They all headed towards what Aldern calls the Tickwood Forest, known for their boars and other wild games. It is located just east of Sandpoint and north of the Devil’s Platter. An all day journey, the group was then treated to the local surroundings of Sandpoint and the usual questions that Aldern poses. One question that intrigued him is the motivations of these would be heroes and what lead them to seek out Sandpoint. The usual banter and some brief answers were exchanged. Aldern once again turned his attentions to the dwarf. He praises Moagh for his battle skills and deftly propositions Moagh to train him. The gruff dwarf dismisses the question and was soon saved by the sighting of a large boar by Aldern himself. He halts for the party and hearing the creature rustling about the area, informs the party to ready their arms. Geth aims with his javelin while Moagh braces himself with a readied broadsword. The rest of the party fanned out quietly while they clutched their respective weapons. When all is ready, they quickly lured the huge boar to action, and it charges straight towards Geth and Moagh. Geth’s javelin was hurled along with several spears from Aldern and his men, but alas did not find its mark. Although, the ruse was enough to bring it head on to meet Moagh’s powerful blow, which kills it dead in its tracks. With a round of cheers, Aldern’s men immediately set to task in securing their monstrous prize which is large enough to feast on for a couple of days and bring it back to Ameiko’s kitchen at the Rusty Dragon.

Exploring Sandpoint

SandsplashAfter a quick farewell to the heroes, Aldern Foxglove gathered his dog’s remains and left the party to fend for themselves.

The motley crew gathered together, salvaged what they can and then took to the streets of Sandpoint. Moagh taking the lead (perhaps via his nose) heads towards the Hagfish Tavern, where they were treated to a toast by the owner Jargie Quinn, the locals and some rowdy sailors alike. Drinks were made available and passed around. Soon the rag tag party found their way at the bar where they learned the story behind the tavern’s name. A reference was made to “Nora”, the hagfish residing in the tank, and of its reputed, albeit strongest draught available. Moagh inquires about the various etched names on the bar and gains a few coins for outdrinking the tavern’s current reigning champion of this tavern’s notorious brew, adding his name on the infamous list.

Looking for a reason to leave the boisterous atmosphere and perhaps seek more knowledge of this town, Variel, Dmitri, and Geth decided to step out and meet later with Moagh and Arcus at the Rusty Dragon Inn to discuss their evening dinner with Master Foxglove. Moagh remained and kept himself busy drinking at the bar, while the gnome kept an eye out for the dwarf (as well as a seperate eye on various, promising coin pouches).

The trio first decided to check up on the bookkeeper and see how he fares with his damaged store. On the way, they noticed that certain buildings were missing random pieces from their structures. Nothing quite so significant but rather odd, with the only thing in common is they all appear to be decorative, wooden carvings that are just plain gone. Dismissing this, they continued on their way.

Reaching the store, they introduced themselves and met Brodert Quink, proprietor and the Thassilonian expert of this town. The store hardly looked damaged despite what had transpired outside earlier that day. No signs of the broken windows, and the smell of smoldering books are but a faint memory. Variel inquired about the tomes and scrolls that lined the numerous shelves. Dmitri asked about the various goblin tribes nearby, and Geth quietly absorbed and discovered a bit of local history, if not mystery, of the nearby Thassilonian tower ruins called the Old Lighthouse. At the mention of this, Master Quink himself lit up with the excitement of the tale and its insights on what purpose it served during those times. He mentioned as well the many surviving structures that dotted the town, like the seven stone plinths in the cathedral, which also dates back to that era. Thanking him for the history lessons, the trio left the store to explore the nearby ruins and see for themselves this wondrous old lighthouse.

It appears that Arcus has left Moagh to his own devices, for he was met outside the storefront with Tronus sniffing about the area. The pair quickly joined the three to investigate the ruins. As they walked towards the tower, a troupe of entertainers consisting of a “painted” noblewoman, a garish jester or minstrel, and a foppish nobleman by the name of Sir Cyrdak Drokkus hailed the party of their deeds and invited them to come see the visiting diva perform “The Swan Tail Delight” at the Sandpoint Theatre. He even struck a bargain with the gnome to write his stories and translate it into a theatrical play. With a grand flourish, they exited as quickly as they appeared, heading down off another side road.

They finally reached the base of the ruined lighthouse and found nothing amiss other than the faintest of magic emanating from the tower itself as noted by both Geth and Variel’s casting of detection. With no leads or signs of goblin around they decided to venture towards the church where they can resupply their potions of healing after their battle with the goblins. On the way, they met a villager by the name of Alma Albertine offering them a basket full of freshly baked breads. Their sweet aroma filling their noses, they kindly took the warm loaves and thanked her generosity.

Arriving at the church, Dmitri quickly found and gave Zanthus the loaves of bread and took over the clean up he was doing after the damages left by the goblins. Dmitri asked about the tribes of goblins again and what Zanthus thinks about them while Variel and Geth made themselves welcome at the back of the church and investigated the stone rings mentioned by Master Quink. They found little of note other old writings on the plinths, several overlapping humanoid footprints leading up north and a recently dug out grave with a headstone that belongs to the former priest by the name Father Ezakien Tobyn. Finding it strange and disturbing, they returned to the two priests inside. They did not mentioned what they found but asked Zanthus if they can purchase healing potions from him. Zanthus unfortunately did not have any to sell but directed them to a questionable merchant he calls “Pillbug” that maybe able to find the items they needed. With that information they all headed off to see Aliver’s Pantry(?).

A short while later, at the storefront of Aliver’s Pantry, Dmitri recieved a rude welcome by mistaking the owner’s name as Pillbug. He was greeted with a slamming of the front door and a quick retort to leave the premises. Still at a loss, Dmitri gave way to Geth to negotiate a deal with the shopkeeper while the rest of the party waited patiently outside. Several minutes later Geth returned with the puchased potions and less coins than he’d care to admit. With that errand done, the heroes headed back towards the inn.

As they walked through the town’s buildings, they encountered a young woman calling herself Shayliss Vinder. Dmitri recognizes her from the earlier festivities but she approached Geth instead to come aid her with some rat infestations down in her father’s general store. Very persistent and using her feminine charms, she convinced Geth to take a look at her father’s cellars while the rest of the party continued to the inn.

ShaylissGeth and Shayliss soon found themselves below in the general store’s cellars, where obviously to Geth, there were no signs of the so called rats. The amorous Shayliss wasted no time in getting what she wanted from Geth and was quickly seducing the priest where upon the maid’s huge father arrived to intervene with a loud booming voice, blocking the cellar door. Hoping to salvage the situation, Geth smoothly maneuvered himself away from the groping hands of Shayliss while donning back his armor and hastily excused himself. He then loudly pronounced clearly that the “rat infestation” is solved. At this time, he successfully bolted past the father’s attempt to strike him with his hammy fists and hurriedly left the store to catch up with his companions.

Before reaching the Rusty Dragon Inn, the party decided to stop by the town’s garrison to check up on any other news about these goblin raids and who might be behind it. The town’s leaders might have some answers by now. At the garrison they found Sheriff Belor Hemlock and a few town guards interrogating a lone goblin prisoner. Unfortunately, they learned very little other than the vile thing spewing the word “longshanks” over and over again. Hemlock informed the party that there are 5 tribes of goblins established near Sandpoint. The pathethic creature belongs to the Seventooth tribe which is evident from its tattoo. Maybe “Longshanks” is the name of its leader, possibly a human or elf. The other tribes are the Mosswood, Thistletop, Birdcruncher, and one other he couldn’t recall. Eventually having gotten no other useful information out of the prisoner, someone put a blade through it and ended its miserable life. The heroes then decided it was time to head back to the inn to have that dinner with Master Foxglove.

In Defense of Sandpoint

Burningcathedral2After the battle fought with another band of marauding goblins near the town’s bookstore, the heroes of Sandpoint was lured to the cry of help from a nearby citizen. A frightened shriek from a cowering man near a water barrel and his brave guard dog were being tormented by a gruesome goblin riding atop a feral, mangy wolf. He menacingly wields a wicked spear like weapon, taunting his victims, undecided as to which one to attack first.

As the heroes reached the site, they witnessed the grotesque goblin quickly decapitating the dog yipping at its mount, its head soaring and landing in the water barrel. The wolf padded closely, its slavering jaws dripping with saliva, ready to pounce at the aristocratic nobleman.

Moagh, the wild barbarian dwarf, immediately charges the mounted goblin with a terrifying yell and cleaves him thoroughly off his wolf. From a nearby store front, the chorus of chanting goblins suddenly stops and they begin to approach the unsuspecting dwarf.

Variel, the elf, quickly takes a defensive position at the street’s intersection and readies himself with a crossbow bolt aiming for the wolf. Meanwhile Dmitri, the journeying priest of Sarenrae, hurried over to the nobleman. Surveying him briefly to see if he is fit and uninjured, he quickly barked out to the nobleman to flee for safety. Frozen in fear and shock, and with the death of its dog mere inches from his feet, he stares blankly at Dmitri who stood his ground in front of him, scimitar at the ready.

Geth, the mysterious and scarred man wielding his wooden rod, follows suit to aid Moagh in attacking the surviving wolf. His blows landing true yet appears to cause little damage to the wolf. The gnome Arcus silently joins alongside Variel, his mastiff Tronus, ever by his master’s side. He pulls out a sling and prepares a stone bullet for the next enemy he sees.

The battle ensues with the joining of the rest of the goblin war party nearby. Four on foot and another mounted goblin covering their rear. The whistling noise of steel slicing onto animal flesh and its retaliating attacks of bites and raking claws brought Moagh to near death’s door. The sounds of spells being cast with their resulting effects, ran its course for a few rounds.

A ten by ten feet pool of slippery grease was smartly conjured by Variel. Strategically placed between them and the rest of the goblins, this gave the heroes time to deal with the lone wolf and a very unlucky, yet resilient goblin at their mercy. Goblindog

Missile weapons the likes of crossbow bolts were exchanged as well as holy fire and searing acid were flung across enemy lines. All the while the deft fingered gnome took liberties with the frightened nobleman’s possessions. Everyone unaware of his acts of thievery with the exception of the observant elf, who remains silent during the heat of battle.

A daring yet costly move by Dmitri lands him in the thick of the goblin war party. He unleashes a cone of searing flame which caught the rider, his mount and the nearest unfortunate goblin. He was quickly brought down by the wolf and its rider.

Meanwhile, Moagh finishes off the surviving wolf and tries to do the same for the trapped goblin atop the greased ground. It survived Moagh’s attacks though was gravely injured, its arm barely on its socket joint but enough to land another blow before expiring from another attack.

Arcus attempts to maneuver over the water barrel after pilfering what he can from the nobleman but lands unsuccessfully inside the water barrel.

Geth quickly rescues the fallen cleric, Dmitri, with his spell of healing while the rest of the heroes square off with the remaining goblins. Whizzing crossbow bolts again struck home coming from the goblins, but a few were put to magical sleep by Variel’s quick casting. Damages soon took their toll on both parties.

Dmitri was struck down once more by a vicious bite from the rabid wolf and was again rescued and dragged away from the field of battle by Geth. He then rummages through Dmitri’s belongings in hopes of finding a potion of healing which he promptly administer to the unconscious cleric.

With coordinated efforts, the heroes finally dispatches the leader of the goblin war band and its surviving members. Gathering themselves together they approach the nobleman who is bemoaning the loss of his dog.

They briefly conversed with the nobleman, introducing himself as Aldern Foxglove. Thankful for his rescue, he reaches for his coin purse and intends to reward them with gold but found them amiss. Looking around the carnage and finally at a loss, he instead invites them for their just rewards at the Rusty Dragon Tavern Inn where he will be staying.

For this session, each char receives 400 EXPERIENCE POINTS

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