Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Frozen Fortress?

Time to tie up some loose threads.

Variel private log #***5

I am not sure what kind of magic can freeze an entire fortress in time, but that is the only explanation I can think of for what happened; That, or the gods just said “Frak this area in particular”. It seems as we can back track up and down the places we have been, but can not proceed further into the fortress. Moagh tried attacking some of the frozen denizens to no avail. Jesail and I used some combination of arcane mark and permanent ink paint to graffiti some of the monsters, much to the disapproving glares from the clerics (not that it stopped us).

With little else to do, I teleported us back to Fort Rannick to discuss our plans. The priests were able to divine that there would be a fairly evident sign that we should get back to stopping the now frozen giant army. As for me, I was bent on uncovering the mysteries of the coral key and finding and reforging Shadowbringer. We needed a break from ‘epic adventure’ anyway, some time to do some personal training, maybe even take over a town or 2….



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