Scott's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

The end a a Tyrant

Adventure Log – July 19
The party was fighting a headless undead lord. After a contentious battle, a forge fiend dropped by through the wall and munched our anti-cleric. Undead rose up, but Variel dropped a fireball and burned them to ash. Dimitri was cornered by the lord and forgefiend, but Mohg snuck up behind the undead lord, cleaved its back and dropped it. The fiend then retreated, and the group recovered.

The party then discovered a sturdy and overtly magical door, whose keyhole matched the pendant Varial obtained. Before attempting to open it however, they checked nearby rooms, where they found another room full of smoothed corners that has become to crumble with age. Beyond this, they finally came face to face with the leader of the army, a stone giant with formidiable magic abilities. With his three fell houds, the giant engaged in fierce combat with the heros. Geth, pulling magic from his divine patron, nullified all magic around himself to protect the party, and for a moment the battle went well. However, the Forgefiend returned with a vengeance, appearing from the wall and turning poor Dimitri to stone. The heros dispatched the construct, but their Cleric of Serenrae was out of commission. Turning to the giant, the heros charged forth, summong magic and mosters and wearing him down. A clever silence spell disabled his casting, but drew the ire of the giant. Geth and Moagh took him on in martial combat, but a lucky blow crushed the life out of poor Geth. Jessail unleashed hell in retribution, showing the giant with deadly missiles until he was no more.

Tragically reduced, the party were at least relieved that the main boss was done, but in their spoils they discovered and ancient Thassilonian library. Varial has begun research with the others, and soon they return to sand point, searching for a way to restore their fallen comrades.



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